Some Electrical Aggregation Participants Receive ComEd Letter

Some Electrical Aggregation Participants Receive ComEd Letter
Posted on 04/23/2014

Some of the participants in the Village of Orland Park’s Electrical Aggregation Program received notices from ComEd stating that their accounts were being dropped and changed back to ComEd. Others received “confirmation of rescind” notices from ComEd.

In March, the Village of Orland Park chose First Energy Solutions as its new electricity supplier.

“We’ve had a number of phone calls at the Village Hall in response to the letter,” said Orland Park Village Manager Paul Grimes.

“The notices were sent because of an inadvertent and premature transfer of some of the village’s accounts by First Energy, which prompted ComEd’s system to send out the letters,” Grimes explained.

Participants in the village’s electrical aggregation program will be automatically transferred from the village’s current supplier to First Energy Solutions in May. No further action is required on the part of those in the program unless they choose to opt out of electrical aggregation.

“We’re doing everything we can to get the word out to let people know that they don’t have to worry about the letter and that they’ll be automatically transferred to the new supplier,” Grimes said.

Information has been posted on the village’s website and social media outlets with news releases sent to the local media explaining the mailer.

The village’s electrical aggregation program will continue to offer significant savings on residents’ electric bills with Orland Park having one of the lowest electric rates in the region. ComEd will continue to provide electric service and billing with First Energy Solutions being the program’s electric supplier.