Public Works Reminds Residents To Not Rake Leaves To Street

Public Works Reminds Residents To Not Rake Leaves To Street
Posted on 10/13/2011

Orland Park has been ablaze in autumn's brilliant hues of gold, orange and red. Nature's magnificent canvas then falls to the ground and becomes a seasonal chore for residents throughout the community.

The village's Public Works Department reminds residents to not rake fallen leaves to the street. Residents must use biodegradable bags or waste wheeler carts to place the leaves out for pick up by the village's contracted waste hauler, Waste Management.

Trustee Ed Schussler chairs the village's Public Works Committee. "It has really become an issue of public safety," Schussler said. "Leaves raked to the street block the sewers and cause slippery conditions when it rains. This is why the Public Works Department is reminding everyone to keep the leaves out of the street," he added.

"The best way to dispose of leaves is to use biodegradable bags or waste wheeler carts," said Public Works Director Ed Wilmes. "Public Works is picking up leaves in subdivisions with a lot of trees but we don't do this village wide," he added.

The village's Leaf Pick Up Program began in mid-October and follows a schedule for specific subdivisions, weather permitting.

Streets Superintendent Tom Martin stressed the need for residents of these subdivisions to rake leaves to the parkway and not to the street.

"Again, the best means of leaf disposal in Orland Park is the biodegradable bags or the waste wheeler carts," Martin said. "However, the village's leaf machine will pick up leaves from the parkway in specific subdivisions, weather permitting," he said.

"Leaves raked to the street can cause difficult driving conditions," Martin said. "They wash down the curb lines and block inlets, causing ponding of water in the street, making driving difficult and creating slippery conditions on the pavement," he explained.

Homes with leaves raked to the street can be ticketed by the Orland Park Police Department.

Because of disposal restrictions, Orland Park's Leaf Pick Up Program cannot extend past November 22.

If the weather cooperates, on Mondays, Public Works crews will pick up leaves on the parkway in Old Orland, Tuckaway, Orland Hills Gardens and El Cameno Real.

Subdivisions scheduled for Tuesday pick ups include Fairway, Maycliff, Silver Lake West and Country Club Estates.

Parkways in Villa West, Villa D'Este, Clearview and Heritage Estates will be cleared of leaves on Wednesdays and Thursdays will include TeeBrook Villa, Catalina, OrlanBrook and the Golfview areas.

Fridays are slated for miscellaneous areas of the village, including Ishnala, Wedgewood and other areas.

There will be no parkway leaf pick up after the Thanksgiving holiday. Remaining leaves must be disposed of in leaf bags or waste wheeler carts for pick up by Waste Management on residents' assigned garbage pick up days before the November 30, 2011 close of yard waste pick up.

While doing their yard work, residents are asked to check and clear any street inlets near their homes.

"We have, for many years, asked residents who are able to adopt the fire hydrants near their homes, digging out the snow from the street," Wilmes said, adding, "We are asking residents to adopt the inlets near their homes."

"When people are outside doing their yard work, we ask that they check all of the inlets near their homes, clearing away any debris and leaves," Martin said. "If it's garbage, throw it in the trash. If it's leaves and brush, throw it in a biodegradable bag or the waste wheeler cart," he advised.

"Everyone pitching in and helping in front of their own homes will help rain water flow freely to the sewers and keep it from backing up into the street and causing slippery conditions, especially when the temperature begins to drop," Schussler added.

Further information about Orland Park's Leaf Pick Up Program is available by calling the Public Works Department at 708/403-6350 or by visiting the village's website at