Village of Orland Park Launches "Citizen Information Center"

Village of Orland Park Launches "Citizen Information Center"
Posted on 08/02/2011

The Village of Orland Park today announced a new initiative to increase the public's ability to access public information. The village has created a portal on its website labeled "Citizen Information Center."

Orland Park's Citizen Information Center is comprised of a ten point check list that is consistent with that offered by the Illinois Policy Institute, a non-partisan research group that helps governments with transparency and open government issues.

"We're very pleased to announce yet one more step in keeping the public informed with the type of information that many --- including the Illinois Policy Institute --- consider the foundation of open, transparent government," said Orland Park Mayor Dan McLaughlin. "We're grateful for the Institute's work on the public's behalf and we're pleased to present Orland Park's information in accordance with their checklist," he added.

The Illinois Policy Institute's ten point check list and scoring criteria are located on the group's website at

"The village has always been forthcoming and open with its information," said Trustee James Dodge, chair of the newly formed Technology and Community Engagement Committee. "Much of this information is already available on the village's website but not necessarily in a one-stop-shop format," he added.

"Our intent is to use the village's website to deliver more information to the community in a more user friendly manner," he noted.

"While Orland Park is providing more information than the check list recommends, we're using it as a foundation for open government," Dodge said. "Orland Park intends to be the first municipality in the State of Illinois to score 100% in transparency from the Illinois Policy Institute," he added.

The Citizen Information Center offers quick access to the following information:

1. Elected & Administrative Officials: Contact Information
2. Meeting Information: Calendar (Future) Minutes & Board Packets (Past)
3. Public Records: FOIA submission & FOIA Officer Contact Information
4. Budgets: General and Special Projects
5. Financial Audits: Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports
6. Expenditures: Checkbook Register and Credit Card Receipts
7. Salary & Benefits: Wages, Salary, Overtime, Health, Dental, Life, Pension, etc.
8. Contracts: Union, Private Contractors, Vendors
9. Lobbying: Taxpayer-Funded Lobbying Associations
10. Taxes & Fees: Sales, Property, Income, and Miscellaneous Taxes, Fees

Orland Park's Citizen Information Center can be found on the village's website at

Citizen Information Center