Leaf Pick Up to Begin October 22

Leaf Pick Up to Begin October 22
Posted on 10/20/2012

The village's annual Leaf Pick Up Program is scheduled to begin on Monday, October 22, 2012, weather permitting. Do not rake or blow the leaves into the street pavement but pile them adjacent to the pavement in the parkway area. The village's equipment is designed to pick up the leaves from the parkway. Leaves that are piled into the street block storm sewers from collecting rain water resulting in street flooding. Homes where leaves are found to be piled into the street will be ticketed as appropriate.

Not all leaves in an area may be able to be picked up on the scheduled day due to volume or weather. The village will may an effort to collect those leaves on Friday of each week.

Because of disposal restrictions, the Leaf Pick Up Program cannot extend past November 30. The final date for each subdivision area is listed on the Leaf Pick Up Program web page. Follow the Leaf Pick Up Program link below.

Leaf Pick Up Program