State Grant Completes Street Lighting Improvements in Old Orland

State Grant Completes Street Lighting Improvements in Old Orland
Posted on 06/22/2010

The new street lights in the Old Orland Historic District have an old look about them.

"Orland Park recently received a state grant because of the efforts of State Representative Kevin McCarthy," said Mayor Dan McLaughlin. "We used the funds to complete the Old Orland Street Lighting Improvement Program," he explained.

The decorative street lamps are being installed in the Old Orland business and residential areas from 144th Place on the south to 143rd Street on the north, spanning from Beacon to West Avenues.

"Old Orland is a destination of choice in the south suburbs. The old fashioned street lights add to the character of the area," said State Representative Kevin McCarthy (D-37).

The Village of Orland Park earmarked $225,000 of the state grant money for the street lights.

"The village's early history describes one of the primary responsibilities of Orland Park's sole police officer being to light and extinguish the street lights each day," McLaughlin noted. "The new light poles remind us of Orland Park's early years, in the heart of Old Orland," he said.

A total of 48 tear drop style ornamental lights are being installed with sixteen having been installed in 2008. These pedestrian-scale lights are part of a long-term plan for the Village Center District. Two areas within the district, the 143rd Street Commuter Station and Orland Crossing, already have the lights.

"The state grant money is being used to pay for 32 additional lights in the Old Orland area," said Orland Park Public Works Director Ed Wilmes.

The village's Old Orland Street Light Improvement Program is one phase of the village's planned streetscape improvements for Orland Park's original downtown.

"The light poles add a lot to the area, tying the village's past with its present and future. Having the same lights helps to unify the different areas through a common streetscape," McLaughlin said.

"We're grateful to Representative McCarthy for helping us complete this part of the village's plans for Old Orland," the mayor added.

"It was a pleasure to work with Mayor McLaughlin and the local officials to help bring this project to a successful completion," McCarthy said.