Orland Park Police use Nixle to inform residents.

Orland Park Police use Nixle to inform residents.
Posted on 06/30/2010

The Orland Park Police Department will begin utilizing a new service to access important, valuable community information when you need it, using the latest technology.

Our agency will create and publish messages through the Nixle Community Information Service. Nixle will then deliver this information to you instantly by cell phone text message and/or email. Notifications can also be accessed online at Nixle's web site at www.nixle.com.

Example messages may include Crime Alerts and High Risk Missing Persons as well as other relevant safety and community event information.

The service is reliable and free to use. There is NO spam and no hidden cost; you receive messages as part of your cell phone text messaging plan. YOU decide what information you want and whether you want it sent to your cell phone, email, or just simply over the web.

Please register now at the company's main web site: www.nixle.com.

New communication forms continue to evolve and we believe this service will allow us to keep you informed in the most convenient, reliable way possible.