Orland Park Nixle Subscribers Are "In The Know"

Orland Park Nixle Subscribers Are "In The Know"
Posted on 08/03/2010

The more than 200 Orland Park residents who currently subscribe to the Police Department's newest communication service have learned of public safety issues before the rest of the community. Since implementing the Nixle Community Information Service a month ago, the Orland Park Police Department has distributed eight messages via text and email.

Trustee Brad O'Halloran, chair of the village's Public Safety Committee, said, "Nixle is the newest form of community policing outreach. This system has enabled the Orland Park Police Department to create a communications program to help solve crimes, make our community safer and establish communication between the police and the community they serve."

"We have been using the system a lot lately, both as a means of public education and to make residents aware of what's happening in town," said Chief Tim McCarthy. "The burglary advisory that we sent out last week helped to immediately make residents aware of the description of who our officers were looking for," the chief added.

Nixle allows the department to create and publish messages to subscribers instantly via cell phone text messages and/or email. Notifications can also be accessed online at Nixle's website at www.nixle.com. Standard text message rates apply.

Messages may include crime alerts, dispelling neighborhood rumors or high risk missing persons reports as well as other relevant safety and community event information.

"As we get more people signing on, we're planning to make notifications by beat," McCarthy said. "This would make the system even more productive, immediately reaching a specific region of the village with important information," the chief added.

"Being able to immediately communicate with the residents of a specific area would help tremendously," said Deputy Chief Jerry Hughes. "We will have an alert public responding if they see something that warrants our attention," Hughes added.

The department currently uses the village's subscription to the Code Red System to notify residents of beat meetings within their neighborhoods. The free Nixle service can be transmitted anywhere from a quarter mile to twenty miles, allowing neighborhood-level, time-sensitive information to be sent only to affected areas.

Residents of Orland Park and those in neighboring communities can immediately begin receiving pertinent information via text message, email and the web by registering at www.nixle.com. Collected information is not sold to third parties or used for marketing purposes. There is no advertising associated with the municipal wire.