Elevators / Escalators / Lifts

A permit is required for installation of all elevators, escalators, wheelchair lifts, stair Lifts, dumbwaiters, etc.

The permit fee is $260 per unit. The permit fee includes plan review and one inspection. Additional inspections will be invoiced to the contractor and must be paid before a Certificate of Inspection is issued.

Requirements for permit:
  • Completed Elevator / Escalator Permit Application
  • Three copies of construction plans
  • Copy of the Elevator Contractor State License    
  • Check for $260 * # of units   
  • The contractor must be licensed and bonded with Village of Orland Park

Upon completion of the plan review, a permit will be issued.

Required Inspections:
Upon completion of the elevator / escalator, please contact Elevator Inspection Services at (708) 784-9438 to arrange for an inspection.

Elevator / Escalator Permit
Contractor License
Registered Contractors