Investigation Division

The function of the division is multi-faceted in nature, but we are primarily responsible to conduct and complete followup investigations of crimes that occur within the Village of Orland Park. The Criminal Investigations Division plays an integral part in the department's efforts to detain and apprehend offenders who commit crimes within the Village.

Offenses & Investigations:
Examples of offenses and investigations include, but are not limited to the following parameters:
  • Death investigations
  • Deviate sexual assaults and other sex-related offenses
  • Bank robberies, home invasions, and armed robberies, which usually necessitate sustained investigative efforts
  • Sophisticated burglaries
  • Arson
  • Financial-based crime (e.g., fraud, forgeries, public aid-related crimes)
  • Covert investigations
  • Organized criminal activities / offenses
  • Kidnappings