Street Sweeping Schedule

Residents can expect to start seeing Street Sweepers out and about starting at the end of March. The village contracts with Waste Management of Illinois, Inc. to sweep streets from spring through late fall.

The commercial and arterial streets are swept eight times a year beginning at the end of March or beginning of April. Tentatively the schedule is as follows:

Week Of
March 30 to April 10 (extra days requested for first sweep of the year)
May 11 to May 15
June 8 to June 12
July 6 to July 12
August 3 to August 7
August 31 to September 4
October 5 to October 9
November 16 to November 20

In addition, residential streets are swept four times a year. Tentatively the schedule is as follows:

Week Of
April 13 to April 17
July 13 to July 17
September 21 to September 25
*December 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11

If you would like additional information or approximate dates for the sweeping in your area, contact the Public Works Department at 708-403-6350.


*Final sweeping to be scheduled for last week of season to clear leaves from street inlets prior to winter. Dates are subject to change due to weather and/or unforeseen circumstances.

All streets with center medians must include sweeping of the median curb line.

Maps will be supplied depicting streets that are private, streets not yet accepted by the Village and streets without curbs and gutters.

Streets may be added periodically throughout the season as developments are accepted and streets are turned over to the Village for maintenance. In those instances, Waste Management will be notified and new maps will be issued.

All sweeping debris is to be deposited in the designated dumpsters unless authorized, in advance, due to  weather conditions.

It is imperative that Waste Management drivers fill out the daily sweeping reports. These reports must be faxed (708-403-8798) or emailed to the Public Works Department either at the end of each day or at the beginning of the next day. This will allow Village staff to inspect each area in a timely manner.
Waste Management is to provide its own lock for the dumpsite. Dumpsite is to be locked at all times unless someone is working on-site. A duplicate key must be left at the Public Works Department.

Streets Under Development
Streets that are still under development in new subdivisions are not part of this process. Those streets are the responsibility of the subdivision developer. Each developer has a separate agreement to sweep streets during construction.

PDF for the street sweeping 2020 schedule