Winter Parking Ban

Orland Park’s Winter Parking Ban takes effect once two inches (2”) of snow falls. Once two inches (2”) of snow falls or more, you are not allowed to park any vehicle, on any village-owned street, for a period of time longer than three (3) minutes for unloading or loading of passengers or thirty (30) minutes for loading and unloading of property. This ban applies for a period of eight (8) hours after the snow stops falling, or until the streets have been cleared of snow.

Residents can assist Village crews (and avoid a parking ticket) in the snow removal efforts by parking vehicles in driveways or other off-street areas.

Top Ten Snow Tips
  • Parking is prohibited on village streets once two (2) inches of snow have fallen.
  • Parked vehicles must be kept off of the street for 10 hours after it has stopped snowing.
  • When shoveling, push snow to either side of the driveway and NEVER into the street.
  • Keep garbage and recycling toters from rolling into the street on pickup day.
  • Designate curbs with free stakes available from the Public Works Department (15655 South Ravinia Avenue)
  • If able, shovel out fire hydrants from the street so fire personnel can easily access them in an emergency
  • Do not clear your driveway at the curb until the plow driver has made his last curb pass in front of your home.
  • Please be patient. Every storm is different with many variables. Streets may have to be plowed more than once.
  • Communicate with Public Works. Report ice formations on the street. Clear the snow from storm sewers near your home so melting snow can drain.
  • Mailboxes should be in good repair and placed at least one foot behind the curb to avoid damage. Clear snow from your mailbox once your street has been plowed.