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Mall Permits
Occupancy Requirements for Orland Square Mall

The Following documents are required:
Special Events Permits

Events requiring completion of a Village of Orland Park special events permit application include:
  • Major Mall Events, including event, tent, health, and electrical inspections fees.
  • Carnivals or circuses cost $150 per day, plus event, tent, health, and electrical inspection fees.

Other Events
The following events require completion of the canopy / tent / event permit application; the fee for such a permit is $90 per event:

No Charge Event Permits
The following require completion of the canopy / tent / event permit application, but no fee is required.

  • Furniture, display only
  • Tables, information distribution only, no sales, three-day limit

Transient sales in parking lots are not allowed.

Certificate of Occupancy & Business Licenses
The following require application for a certificate of occupancy and a business license:
  • Tables, distribution of information or promotional for more than three days
  • Vehicle display for one year