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Fernway Subdivision

Notification Newsletters
Below are the project updates and notification newsletters to the residents of the Fernway Subdivision.  Click on the title to go to the notification.

Publication Date                     Newsletter Description

    10/6/16                              Resident 5th Notification Newsletter

     9/19/16                             Resident 4th Notification Newsletter

     9/9/16                               Resident 3rd Notification Newsletter

     8/22/16                              Driveway Access Notification

     8/19/16                              Resident 2nd Notification Newsletter

     8/11/16                              Resident 1st Notification Newsletter

     5/26/16                              Fernway Construction Notification Letter

P.T. Ferro began work on this project on August 24.  All storm sewer culverts have been replaced, driveways restored, ditches graded, landscaping installed, curbs completed and the street has been reconstructed. 

This first section of the ditch/roadway improvement area of the Fernway subdivision is now complete.

Project Description

The Fernway Subdivision is located south of 159th Street and along 88th Avenue.  The Village of Orland Park is planning phased street reconstruction and drainage improvements for the subdivision. These improvements will be made throughout the subdivision during a multi-year project, with one section of the subdivision being completed each year, depending on funding availability. 

The project consists of substantial ditch regrading and re-establishment and the installation of the resident’s culverts along with the reconstruction of the roadway including the installation of new ribbon curbing.  

The following construction activities are anticipated: 
    - Complete removal and replacement of asphalt pavement 
    - Installation of concrete edging (known as ribbon curb) along streets (see pictures below) 
    - Grading of ditches 
    - Replacement of some drainage culverts under driveways and streets to improve flow

Concrete Ribbon Curb Installation   Concrete_Ribbon_Curb_Installed.jpg
                   Installing concrete ribbon curb          Completed installation of concrete ribbon curb

The first area of the improvement slated to start in 2016 will consist of reshaping the ditches, installation of concrete ribbon curb and reconstruction of 167th Place and Robinhood Drive south of 167th Street to 171st Street.