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Taste Parking Options
A number of alternate parking locations are available for Palos Health & Loyola Medicine Taste of Orland Park attendees, all within walking distance of the Village Center at 147th Street and Ravinia Avenue. Parking at the Frederick T. Owens Village Hall will be reserved for ADA parking only.

Free Parking Garage
- 143rd St. & Ravinia Ave.
Humphrey Complex - 147th St. & West Ave.
Marquette Bank - 151st St. & West Ave.
Orland Junior High (front only) - 148th & West Ave.
High Point School - 148th & West Ave.
Orland Park Public Library - 149th & Ravinia Ave.
First Personal Bank - 147th St. & Ravinia Ave.
Recreation Administration Building - 146th & Ravinia Ave.
Office Complex - 147th & Ravinia Ave.
Old Village Hall - 144th & Beacon Ave.
Orland Park Bakery - 14850 South LaGrange Road