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Testing Your Meter
If you think the water usage reflected on your water bill is high, there are several tests you can perform prior to calling the Water Billing Department.

Check Your Toilets for Leaks
It is not uncommon for water bills to double or triple due to a leak in a toilet. To determine if a toilet is leaking, put food coloring in the toilet tank. If the food coloring comes into the toilet bowl and you have not flushed, the toilet is leaking.

Write Down the Reading on Your Meter
Make sure that all appliances and fixtures that use water, such as a humidifier attached to your furnace or an ice cube maker, are turned off. Don't use any water for two to four hours. After this period of time, read the meter again. If the reading on the meter is higher, there is a leak in your house.

More Information

If you need further assistance, please fill out the Water Billing Inquiry Form, or call 708-403-6175.