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For interior demolitions, see "Commercial Construction" or "Residential Remodels".
For demolition of an above ground or in-ground pool, use the 'Building Permit Application' below.

For building/structure demolition:
Permit Required:
Permit is required for demolition of any structure in the Village of Orland Park.

Cook County Requirements
Cook County Demo Application

Permit Requirements
The following is needed to apply for demolition permit:
  • A completed demolition permit requirements and permit application.
  • Completed Building Permit Application     
  • For residential demolition, a legible copy of legal plat of survey

  • Each Permit Application below is required for applicable disconnection of existing systems:

    Further Required Documentation
    The following are some items needed before demolition permit can be released:
    • Documentation from utility companies that all utilities have been disconnected   
    • Documentation that sanitary septic has been pumped and sealed   
    • Proof that sanitary sewer has been disconnected
    • Documentation that water has been turned off or that existing wells have been capped, per ILL Dept Public Health
    • Proof that water service has been disconnected
    • Proof that water main as been capped           
    • Proof that water meter has been removed and returned to public works
    • Copy of asbestos abatement documentation from county.