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Residential Additions
View the 2017 Residential Code Updates Presentation

Application Requirements

The following are required at the time of application:
  • Completed permit applications:    
  • Plat of survey
  • All permit fees as per Village Code Title 5, Chapter 2
  • Site plan showing location of addition - this is not necessary for second story additions
  • Two sets of plans drawn to scale showing the following:
    • Type of exterior walls
    • A section through the exterior wall showing foundation, interior wall, and roof construction
    • Floor plan layout showing location of walls, direction of joists, points of bearing, and window sizes
    • Elevations including front, side, and rear views of the addition
    • Foundation plan where needed

For more information on room additions and foundation requirements, view the detailed requirements, Article 6 of the Land Development Code.


Note the specific requirements for height of addition relative to zoning districts R-2A, R-3,and R-3A. For zoning information,view the district regulations.

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