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Application Requirements
A permit is required for all work done on patios including but not limited to: replacement; widening; new installation; etc. regardless of the material being used (concrete, bricks, stones, etc.) 

The following is needed to apply for permit:

Land Development Code
Land Development Code Article 6, Part 3, Section 6-302, Item 31, Terraces, Patios, Porches, and Decks states that patios may be permitted to project not more than 5 feet into a front (including approved existing front setbacks which are less than the required front setbacks) setback in front of the building line, and terraces, patios, and decks may be permitted up to 5 feet from the rear and side lot lines.

2 Inspections Required
A pre-pour inspection of the stone base and forms is required. A final inspection is needed after the work has been completed.
Requests must be made at least 24 hours in advance. Complete an inspection request form online. Inspections requests are not taken over the phone.

Refer to the Village Code Title 5, Chapter 1, Section 109.3.7 for inspection requirements.

Weather Regulations
Due to weather conditions in our region, the Village of Orland Park has a cut-off date for exterior concrete flatwork. This period will begin on November 15 and extend to March 15 for flat work which typically includes driveways, sidewalks, and exposed slabs on grade.

Refer to Village Code Title 5, Chapter 1, Section for cold weather requirements.