06-10-2008 - Crime Alert

06-10-2008 - Crime Alert
Posted on 06/10/2008

The Orland Park Police Department would like to make residents aware of a growing trend in criminal activity.

A significant increase in burglaries and thefts from motor vehicles has been detected in the village. These are occurring during the overnight hours to vehicles parked in driveways, parking lots, or on the street. While the Police Department has made several arrests for this type of crime and have taken steps to increase both uniform and plain clothes patrols, residents are reminded that there are steps that they can take to prevent this type of crime from happening to them.

The best way to avoid this crime is to park your vehicles in the garage and keep the garage door closed. If you cannot park in a garage:

- Lock your car doors.

- Do not leave items of value in your vehicle such as cell phones, GPS units, I-pods, computers, purses, or money.

- Park in a well lighted location. Keeping outside lights on discourages crime and is very inexpensive.

- Remember, if a criminal has access to your vehicle and the garage door opener is inside, he then has access to your home.

- Call 911 immediately to report ANY suspicious or unusual activity.