08-22-2008 - OPPD investigate suspicious incident

08-22-2008 - OPPD investigate suspicious incident
Posted on 01/08/2008

On September 22, 2008 at 1:30 p.m., Orland Park Police received a report from a female complainant regarding a suspicious male subject at the Palos Community Hospital at 153 and West Avenue in Orland Park.

The female reported that as she was exiting the facility she observed a male subject at a vehicle in the parking lot, the male asked the woman to come over to his vehicle and help him as his arm was stuck in the partially closed window of the car. The woman exercising good judgement, refused to approach the car instead informing the male that she would call the police to help him. As she was walking to her vehicle she observed the man now free of the car, she notified police believing that this may have been an attempt by this man to lure her to his vehicle.

The subsequent investigation by the police department has developed conclusive evidence that the subject was indeed at the medical facility for scheduled treatment and that he was in fact in need of assistance, as his arm was caught in the small opening in the car window that he tried to reach in through in order to open his car. He displayed injuries to his arm that he suffered when he forcibly removed his arm from the automobile. There is no evidence to support that this was any luring attempt or anything other than as the investigation indicates. The complainant is commended for her notification to police authority and for her awareness to a suspicious situation.

This notification is being made as a result of a large volume of inquiries to this agency as this incident has been largely circulated through electronic messaging. The Orland Park Police Department wishes to inform the public that while initially suspicious in nature, at no time was there any threat to public safety at the Palos Community Hospital Facility.