Orland Park's Centennial Pool Earns Second Five Star Audit for 2010 Season

Orland Park's Centennial Pool Earns Second Five Star Audit for 2010 Season
Posted on 07/16/2010

The Village of Orland Park Centennial Park Aquatic Center (CPAC) earned its second five star risk management audit of the 2010 season. The Starfish Aquatics Institute (SAI) awarded the village's water park a second five star award following an unannounced risk management audit on Saturday, July 10.

Swimming facilities are tested on a surprise basis with the auditor hiding outside of the facility, secretly video taping the lifeguards. While the guards supervise the pool from their chairs, the auditor evaluates and grades the guards' performances. The auditor studies how often the guards' heads turn, scanning the pool from left, center and right, observes rotation changes and confirms that guards have hydration and shade. Once the hidden audit is completed, the auditor's presence is announced. The auditor then selects guards, team leaders and squad leaders to respond to mock emergency scenarios.

In a message to the village's guards, the auditor wrote, "I audited eighteen pools this season and this has been the best facility so far. You guys are sharp!"

The Starfish Aquatics Institute's StarGuard Lifeguard Certification Program provides pool, water park and restricted waterfront lifeguards skills exceeding nationally recognized standards. Using an integrated curriculum of emergency skills, StarGuard lifeguards are trained to protect life or prevent further injury until emergency medical personnel arrive.

Guards participating in the audit included Dan Carney, Liz Meyers, Como Negrete, Jess Petrisko, Sami Polson, Jess Slaviero, Stephen Zieler, Joey Adeszko, Phil Klimatis, Riss Sminiotis, Lauren Somogye, Sarah Trump, Aileen Henneberry, Ryan McVickers, Sam Wroblewski, Sylvia Bednarz, Becca Mallon, Colleen Brennan, and Anne Marie Bonaguro. Will Seidelmann was the manager on duty.

Orland Park's Centennial Park Aquatic Center is located at 15600 West Avenue. Further information about the center is available by calling 708/349-4FUN.