Commercial Kiosk / Cart / RMU

To open a kiosk or cart in Orland Square Mall:
Complete all four of the below forms for opening a kiosk / cart within Orland Square Mall. Your address will be 1000 Orland Square Drive for the lower level, or 2000 Orland Square Drive for the upper level. You must include your space number. On the business license application, you must include a complete mailing address as we cannot send mail to a kiosk.
  • Kiosk or Cart Occupancy Application
  • Zoning Permit Application
  • Business License Application
  • Interior Layout (can be hand drawn) The drawing is to include the dimension of the space ( length, width and square footage ), all exit doors, any interior walls and aisle ways as applicable, and an equipment / furniture layout.
  • Location Map (Tenant Scenario Drawing) provided by Orland Square Mall.
  • Occupancy Rules & Regulations for Kiosks/Carts
  • Orland Fire District Inspection Checklist for New Tenants
  • A separate license will be required for the sale of tobacco.
  • A police background check and approval is required for all massage therapy businesses before a building/occupancy permit can be submitted. Call the Police Department at 708-403-4945 for application and details. State of Illinois
  • Massage Therapist Licenses are required for all massage therapists.
Required Inspections:
Commercial Occupancy Only Inspections