Commercial Occupancy Only

Occupancy Requirements - Moving in without any work being done to space or work that does not require a permit such as interior painting.

If you are doing work that requires a permit or drawings, please refer to our Commercial Construction page.

ALL of the following forms are required for applying to occupy a tenant/commercial space within the Village of Orland Park, or when changing ownership, changing space size, or changing business use:
  • Occupancy Permit Application
  • Zoning Permit Application
  • Business License Application
  • Interior Layout(can be hand drawn) The drawing is to include the dimension of the space ( length, width and square footage ), all exit doors, any interior walls and aisle ways as applicable, and an equipment / furniture layout.
If applicable:
For other licenses required, such as: Vending Machines, Tobacco License,Amusement Device, Pet Shop Operator, Massage, refer to License Applications

  • Occupancy Rules & Regulations
  • Orland Fire District Inspection Checklist for New Tenants
  • Building Code Editions
  • Plan Review FAQ
Permits and Licenses:
Occupancy only permit fees for commercial use include the permit fee, zoning permit fee, health fee if applicable & inspection fee.

Sign Permits:
Sign permits require a separate sign permit application.

Required Inspections:

Commercial Occupancy Only Inspections by both the Village and Fire District

General Information:
Intended use must be approved in accordance with the Village Land Development Code.

  • Call the Planning Division at 708-403-5300 to confirm that your business is allowed to operate at the site you have selected or to help you locate sites that are appropriate.
  • Final occupancy inspection approval must be obtained to verify minimum fire, life safety, exiting, accessibility to environmental limited persons, and health hazard conditions.
  • Permit Fees must be paid as per Village Code, Title 5, Chapter 2.