Detached Garage

Application Requirements:
When applying for new detached garage permits, two sets of drawings are required at the time of application, they must include:
  • A dimensional floor plan showing location of service doors, windows, headers, location of electrical receptacles, etc.
  • Layout of rafters and direction and span of rafters or trusses
  • Height measurement from the peak of the garage to the average perimeter grade 
  • Plat of survey showing the location of the new detached garage with setbacks from side and rear property lines and the location of any additional driveway work to be done
  • Completed building permit application
  • Completed zoning permit application
  • Completed electrical permit application
  • Separate driveway permit if additional driveway surface is required
  • Separate demolition permit if there is an existing detached garage to be removed

Grading Plan:
A detailed grading plan may be required if requested by engineering after their visual on-site inspection.

Permit Fees
Permit fees must be paid as per Village Code, Title 5, Chapter 2.

Inspections Required:
  • Final inspection of demolition of existing garage, if applicable
  • Rough inspections including framing and electrical, before the drywall is installed
  • Pre-pour inspection for the driveway, if applicable
  • Final inspection of framing and electrical, upon completion of work

Please submit an inspection request. Inspection requests are not taken over the phone. Requests for inspections must be made a minimum of 24 hours in advance.