Mailboxes / Door Slots

Permits are not required. Contact Public Works at 708-403-6350 for any damage to mailboxes by snow plows.

Per Land Development Code Section 6-302-C.16, the following regulations apply:
  • Mailboxes may be permitted in any front and side setbacks.
  • Mailboxes damaged beyond repair by village personnel or their agents in the performance of their duty shall be replaced by a standard 4 by 4 foot wood post and support and a standard metal type mailbox, model type 1C.
  • Structures shall be no greater than 54 inches in height, 34 inches in width (parallel to the street), or 24 inches in depth.
  • No mailbox structure base can be closer than 12 inches to the back of the curb for the first 36 inches above the grade.
  • No mailbox or mailbox structure shall be permitted to contain any electrical or plumbing features.
  • Mailboxes shall be used only for the purposes of mail delivery.
  • The bottom of the mailbox shall be 40-44 inches above the grade. The front of the mailbox shall be even with the back of curb.

USPS Mailbox & Mail Slot Regulations