Residential Additions

Application Requirements:
The following are required at the time of application:
  • Completed permit applications:
    • Building Permit Application
    • Zoning Permit Application
    • Electric Permit Application
    • Mechanical Permit Application
    • Plumbing Permit Application
  • Plat of survey
  • All permit fees as per Village Code Title 5, Chapter 2
  • Site plan showing location of addition - this is not necessary for second story additions
  • Two sets of plans drawn to scale showing the following:
    • Type of exterior walls
    • A section through the exterior wall showing foundation, interior wall, and roof construction
    • Floor plan layout showing location of walls, direction of joists, points of bearing, and window sizes
    • Elevations including front, side, and rear views of the addition
    • Foundation plan where needed

Homeowner's Affidavit should be completed if the homeowner will be doing any work themselves.

For more information on room additions and foundation requirements, view the detailed requirements, Article 6 of the Land Development Code.

Note the specific requirements for height of addition relative to zoning districts R-2A, R-3, and R-3A. For zoning information, view the district regulations.

Residential Construction Inspections