Residential New

Application Requirements:
When applying for new single family home permits, the following items are required at the time of application:
  • Two sets of plans, one needs to be architecturally sealed
  • Completed permit applications:
    • Building Permit Application
    • Zoning Permit Application
    • Plumbing Permit Application
    • Electric Permit Application
    • Mechanical Permit Application
  • Proposed survey detailed requirements
  • Approval letter from Homeowner’s Association and/or developer, if required
  • All permit fees as per Village Code Title 5, Chapter 2
  • Homeowner's Affidavit should be completed if the homeowner will be doing any work themselves.
  • Certificate of Occupancy Checklist
For more information on permits, codes, and survey requirements, view the detailed requirements.

Required Inspections:
Residential New Construction Inspections