Retaining Wall

Application Requirements:
The following is required at the time of application for a permit:
  • A completed permit application
  • Legible copy of plat of survey noting where retaining wall will be installed   
  • Drawing sealed by a structural engineer if wall exceeds 3 feet in height 
  • Permit fee of $150 if 3 feet or less, $275 if higher than 3 feet 

Each permit will be reviewed by the Engineering Division. View the Land Development Code, Article 6, Part 3, Section 6-302, Item 29 for additional information.

Regulations & Restrictions:
Retaining walls may be permitted in front, side, and rear setbacks, so long as they are located at least 3 feet within the lot lines and do not obstruct storm water flow.   

When the consequence of grading land results in the necessity for a total retaining wall height greater than 3 feet, the retaining wall must be tiered and each wall on the tiered retaining wall system shall be limited to 3 feet in height.  

Tiered Wall Setback:
The formula for determining the tiered wall setback shall be two times the lower wall height. A structural permit is required if the retaining wall system exceeds 3 feet (triggering the need for a second wall or more) in total height.