Tennis and Sport Courts

A permit is required for installation of a tennis or sport court. The permit fee will be determined based on the scope of work. A separate permit is required for a fence, if applicable.

Zoning & Lot Coverage:
Tennis and/or sport courts may be permitted in rear setbacks, not less than 5 feet from the lot line in all districts except the BIZ General Business District, Village Center District, and MFG Manufacturing District. 

The maximum lot coverage is limited for each zoning district. See Land Development Code, Article 6, Part 2, District Regulations for complete information.

Lights & Fence:
No lights shall be permitted accessory to the court. A fence may be located at the perimeter of a tennis court subject to the following conditions:
  • No such fences shall exceed 10 feet in height
  • Materials for tennis and/or sport court fences may include green vinyl coated chain link or a comparable material as may be determined appropriate by the Planning Division Director
  • The view of tennis and/or sport court fences from adjacent properties shall be obscured by the planting of shrubbery, evergreen trees, or comparable plant materials subject to the approval of the Planning Division director

For more information read Land Development Code Section 6-302-C.30

Application Requirements:
The following is needed to apply for permit: 
  • A completed permit application
  • Plat of survey showing proposed location of court
  • Dimensions of the court
  • The name of the contractor
  • The total cost of all work
(2) Inspections Required:
A pre-pour inspection of the stone base and forms is required. A final inspection is required once the work has been completed. All inspections must be requested at least 24 hours in advance. Inspection requests are not taken over the phone.